Create Gwinnett

Create Gwinnett

Create Gwinnett, is the Gwinnett Arts & Creative Economy Master Plan and the FIRST EVER comprehensive plan for the County to grow creativity and support arts and culture as an engine for the County's prosperity.

The Plan Summary


What Will the Plan Achieve?

Create Gwinnett will:

  • provide a roadmap for job creation, talent development, and creative enterprise inventory.
  • define Gwinnett's pathway for regional and national leadership and enhance public infrastructure and place making.
  • help lay the foundation for developing policies for funding, to identify and create an inventory of current resources, and develop priorities for future projects while encouraging a sense of community with residents and stakeholders.
The Create Gwinnett team needs YOU…to Volunteer 

Create Gwinnett is looking for volunteers to assist in the creation of the county’s FIRST EVER arts and creative economy master plan.

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